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Ready Set Market 2023

The Innovative Business Association hosted our annual marketing case competition; Ready, Set, Market! With participation from over 100 talented individuals representing 7 universities across Ontario, the competition focused on presenting strategic marketing solutions for Spotify's transition into a multi-content platform with a podcast emphasis.

Teams collaboratively showcased their problem-solving and analytical skills to our distinguished panel, including esteemed alumni and industry professionals who made this event possible. The insightful feedback provided by these experts contributed significantly to the teams' future development of creative solutions. Our appreciation extends to our keynote speaker, Samina Makhanbetazhiyeva, whose engaging discussion added immense value and knowledge to the event.

The remarkable success of Ready, Set, Market! reflects the dedication and collaborative efforts of our RSM Co-chairs and the entire IBA team who ensured the seamless execution of the competition. We extend our gratitude to all speakers, judges, alumni, and most importantly, our attendees who dedicated their Saturday and the preceding week to developing their solutions and enhancing their skills as emerging professionals.

The year ahead is brimming with opportunities for networking, professional growth and fostering lasting connections. We look forward to sharing these experiences with you!


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