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Workshops and Info Sessions

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Personal Finance Workshop

Inform students about the importance of understanding Personal Finance concepts. Encourage students to set personal goals surrounding financial planning.Introduce students to the basics of Personal Finance.

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Digital Marketing Workshop

helps to offer students an overview of the digital marketing field through introducing them to new tools, changes in technology and learning resources in the industry

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Consulting 101

Students will get an opportunity to network with consulting industry professionals

Students will be allowed to practice their interview skills and get constructive feedback

Student will learn how to tackle case studies, and offer viable solutions to problems

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This is your future Mock Interview

This event sought out to give students an opportunity to practice their interview skills with relevant companies in the accounting/finance industry.

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GMAT Info Session

Students will network with a variety of representatives in an informal setting

Students will learn how to react in high-pressure situations

Students will build relationships with each other and IBA members

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RSM Workshop

This workshop would prepare students on how to compete on a case competition. The workshop would discuss presentation skills, best practices when analyzing a case, how to create a quality solution, and other critical thinking and presentation tips.  

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FinComp Workshop

Event focused on sparking interest in students about Fintech. Introducing the different divisions inside this industry including Banking, lending, crypto, paytech and more. 

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SMG Workshop

The workshop will focus on educating students on new practices, new products, and new initiatives that they can use to help reduce their effect on the environment. We will also be looking at global issues, such as the rising effect of technology, how plastics are affecting our oceans and other waterways, and even how COVID-19 has had an environmental effect.

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