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Conferences and Case Comps

RSM (Ready Set Market).JPG
Ready, Set, Market!

RSM  is  a  case  competition  themed  around  marketing.  It  serves  as  an  event  for students  to  gain  practical  experience  solving  real  world  problems.  It  provides  the opportunity for students to showcase their skills and abilities to their peers, faculty, as well as industry professionals and alumni. Attendees are provided a case three weeks prior  to  the  competition,  tasked  with  creating  an  effective  solution  to  the  problems discussed  in  the  case.  Attendees  attend  an  opening  and  closing  ceremony  with keynote speakers and multiple workshops focused on professional, soft and technical skill development. Students present their solution to a panel of judges composed of alumni, industry professionals and faculty. 

SMG (Show me the Green).JPG
Show me the Green!

Show Me The Green's (SMG) goal is to inspire students to be a part of the global sustainability initiative. It is a case competition where university students across Ontario have the opportunity to present their ideas for promoting sustainable innovation and implementation of environmentally sound practices into everyday business operations. It will be a 1-day competition. There will be networking sessions, workshops, presentations, and panel discussions.


The Finance Innovation Competition (stylized as FinComp) is a FinTech case competition with the purpose of giving delegates exposure to a fast-growing/developing industry where they can make business decisions from the perspective of a FinTech professional. Delegates will be required to prepare a comprehensive solution to a challenging case relating to the FinTech space. The case will be released approximately one month in advance of the event to allow delegates to come up with creative and well-researched solutions. Due to COVID-19, both co-chairs took the proactive decision to host the entire case competition virtually. It is in the best interest of our attendees that their safety is prioritized and a seamless experience is delivered through digital means. 

WIB (Women in Business).jpg
Women In Business

Women In Business is a conference for those who are interested in learning more about being a woman in the Business field. Our event includes a keynote, panel, a student activity, and networking portion!

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