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Here at IMI Business Association - IBA, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all. Our decision making process is informed by comprehensive empirical studies and high quality data evaluation. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.



When was IBA formed? The answer to this question varies contextually as formation of the elected representatives happened at a different time than the passing of the constitution. March 11, 2019 was when the first seven Board Members were elected. The constitution was initially drafted and passed by the Board in May of 2019, it is yet to be ratified by IBA’s membership. More information about the formation of IBA will be made available!

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The IMI Business Association provides you with the opportunity to market yourself and your company, and recruit from the finest business talent from across many universities and colleges. Sponsorship provides a great means of broadening your competitive edge by improving your company's image, prestige and credibility by supporting events. 

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Welcome to BizLife! This is your ultimate guide on how to make it in the business world. Whether you need interview tips or help with what to wear for your first big interview - we have you covered! We will provide you with resources that cater to your needs, in order to ensure your success in the field. With the help of some professionals, we will be posting various blog posts to help you with everything we went through as lost business students - have fun reading!


A team full of passion and synergy, committed towards enriching student experiences by creating endless opportunities  in order to bridge the gap between academia and the industry.


Campus Groups


Campus Groups

Professional Skills Development Program

“The Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP) was created exclusively for Commerce and Management students as a way to encourage skill development beginning in 2nd year (the first year of their program) through to final year.” There are six categories students can get points from to get a special notation upon graduating. Find out more at utm.utoronto.ca/management/psdp! website!







This information is sourced from the Department for Management website; https//:utm.utoronto.ca/management

Despite the PSDP point system for Commerce and Management students, other students from all programs can register for IBA events through PSDP by signing in with their UtorID. The PSDP platform will be the only way for University of Toronto Students to sign up for IBA events.

Event Categories:

1) Academic Development

2) Build Relationships

3) Develop Skills

4) Industry Research

5) Job Search

6) Know Yourself

Student Center, Room 130  

3359 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6

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Rosaline Chiu


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Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm

External Relations

Sebastian Diaz


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