The Conversation Begins: Industry Talks

With the looming uncertainties of how the pandemic will affect the upcoming academic year, many students are also concerned about the experiences they will be able to engage with. Over Tuesday evening, the IMI Business Association (IBA) took a stride in shaping the future o

f the student experience by launching its Instagram Live business interview series, Industry Talks.

Hosting the inaugural episode of Industry Talks was Sebastian Diaz, a member of IBA’s Advisory Board. Joining Sebastian was Alessya Paoletti, who spoke about her role as the Program Manager at ASPIRE (TFI) and the many opportunities ASPIR

E provides to students that are looking to connect with professionals in the Financial Services industry. Having attended the ASPIRE Challenge for the past two consecutive years, Sebastian offered valuable student insights regarding the three-day event, while Alessya provided an overview of some of the resources and other opportunities offered.

Alessya narrowed down ASPIRE’s three mains objectives: attracting student to the financial sector; connecting them to employers in finance; and helping students build their skills. She began by highlighting the utility of the website; where you can find webinars, some of which have had over 500 live viewers; prepare for recruiting, with ASPIRE’s resume writing tips and interview prep videos; and keep up with the expansive network ASPIRE provides access to. Alessya also spoke about some of ASPIRE’s other programs: The ASPIRE Challenge and The ASPIRE Edge. The former being a “three day weekend jam-packed with activities.” The ASPIRE Challenge seeks out a creative solution to a problem within the community, with winners getting an opportunity to secure a paid summer internship. The ASPIRE Edge is a three-tiered challenge focussing on a financial services scenario. Completion of The ASPIRE Edge grants access to a badge available for display on a resume or LinkedIn profile, similar to a course certification.

The first iteration of Industry Talks saw great engagement from the audience, particularly when rejoicing in agreement of the great food offered at the last ASPIRE Challenge weekend. ASPIRE has many resources available for business students looking for ways to

engage with potential mentors or employers. Join IBA on Industry Talks every other Tuesday at 6 pm to learn about more interesting opportunities and topics in business.