Ready, Set, Market!

Over the past weekend, IBA hosted its marketing case competition Ready, Set, Market! (RSM) The event, hosted and planned by RSM co-chairs Rohun Naijal and Yumna Salim, with help from RSM associates Manav Jailkhani and Mehar Kamra featured workshops, networking opportunities and the competition itself with $1,750 in winnings up for grabs as well as $200 from the event sponsor, CPA.

The event began with opening remarks from the RSM co-chairs introducing the event and continued onto feature the event’s Keynote speaker, Sherjan Husainie, a former Vice President of Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley and associate at Google, and current Personal Mentor for many business disciplines. Sherjan Husainie talked about his journey as well as how to stand out and excel in virtual recruiting.

Following the opening ceremony, the 10 RSM groups rotated through 4 workshops and the case presentation, all separated by their own respective breakout rooms. The workshops featured guests from CPA, Amrev Media, UofT alumni, and IMIC. The workshops were a valuable opportunity to hear from industry professionals and distinguished students and also featured the opportunity to engage with the guests through question periods at the end. The case posed the problem of choosing and presenting a marketing strategy that would bring a business school’s student society’s apparel venture to profitability. With 10 teams of 3-4 people having 2 weeks to prepare their solutions, the event was highly competitive.

Following the break after the case presentations and workshops sessions was a Kahoot game for attendees to get re-engaged before relocating to the Networking session, which was filled with representatives from many different firms. The networking portion allowed for direct conversations with industry professionals in virtual breakout rooms and were an especially valuable opportunity given the pandemic. Following the networking session was the closing ceremony, which included gift card raffle giveaways, and the announcement of the winners of the competition. Winning $1,000 and $200 from CPA for first place was team Apollo, an especially impressive victory given that the entire team was comprised of first year students.

Overall, the RSM team did a great job adapting the event to an online environment, having separate sessions for the workshops & case portion, and networking & closing ceremony portion. The team also had a dedicated member ensuring rotations through breakout rooms were as smooth as possible as well as handling other technical aspects of the event. Ready, Set, Market! was a very engaging opportunity for students to apply their business knowledge in a practical case setting and engage with a variety of industry professionals. The event was IBA’s latest step in ensuring the enrichment of the business student experience despite the remote learning environment.