IBA Presidential Elections: Role Recap

The IBA Presidential Elections for the 2021-2022 academic year are closing in! With nomination applications due on Sunday the 31st at 11:59pm, the current IBA executive team has been posting videos outlining what is required of their role over the past week.

From figuring out the finances to enable all sorts of IBA events to leading a team of auditors, Patrick Berumen outlines his experience as the VP Finance during the current academic year.

Handling the marketing of IBA and tasked with growing its brand this year with leadership of the Creative, Media, and Outreach teams was Samina Makhanbetazhiyeva, who describes her experience as the VP Marketing for the current academic year.

From obtaining funding, publicity, merchandise and professional representation from the list of IBA partners that he grows and maintains, watch Talha Faisal describe what is required from the VP External Relations.

Bringing commerce and management students together in some of IBA's largest networking events this year is Jesica Kuruvilla, who outlines what was required of her this year as IBA's VP Student Engagement.

From overseeing, planning and executing the numerous events and case competitions held by IBA to the opportunity to build many relationships and collaborations, Jose Trujillo describes his time as the VP Clubs & Conferences.

In charge of all of IBA's academic events, Pooja Sachdev speaks on her experience hosting various events to develop commerce and management students' professional skills while overseeing one of the largest teams at IBA as VP Professional Development.

Connecting IBA and the Department of Management, supporting VPs and having many opportunities to affect the student experience of commerce and management students this year is Niveditha Kani, who summarizes the experience of being the President of IBA.

If interested in learning more about the IBA Presidential Elections, check out the recording of Info Session by the VPs.