Members of the month: September 2020

At IBA, we take pride in recognizing our members for their efforts in going above and beyond at all times.

This month, we recognized 3 members in our society: Haya Keblawi, the Marketing Project Manager of IBA, Yrdna Muneer, the BizFrosh/BizFormal Chair of IBA, and Saide Kazanjian, the Student Engagement Associate!

We would like to recognize Haya Keblawi, our Marketing Project Manager for the outstanding planning and hosting of our first Virtual event “Games with Profs”.

Haya’s role at IBA consists of developing ideas and event plans which focuses on the needs of Marketing students. It involves coordinating associates, making detailed plans, reaching out to external partners, coming up with creative and fun ideas and lastly hosting a well-rounded event which caters to our student body. Haya not only fulfills her role extensively but goes above and beyond to make sure her events are professional and informative. She is a dedicated and hardworking member of IBA, who is always quick to jump in to help whenever needed. She is a well-rounded team member of Professional Development who never fails to impress anyone.

We would like to recognize Yrdna Muneer, our BizFrosh & BizFormal Chair for her outstanding contributions to IBA.

Yrdna’s role entails hosting 2 of our largest events, BizFrosh, which helps 1st/2nd year students to explore their field of study while meeting new people and BizFormal, which celebrates the achievements of student leaders within the business program. In the past month Yrdna successfully hosted BizFrosh while leading a team of 3 associates and overcame multiple challenges that came her way. From changing the format of the event to addressing technical difficulties immediately and effectively during the event, she has portrayed herself as an exemplary IBA member.

We would like to recognize Saide Kazanjian, one of our Student Engagement Associates for her efforts to go above and beyond her role expectations.

Saide’s role entails helping plan and organize events led by an executive member in the Student Engagement division. In the past month she has relentlessly worked on an upcoming event - IBA Cares. Despite multiple hurdles in the planning process, her unwavering dedication helped the team to finalize the details for the event well in advance! Her positive energy, kind personality and ever beaming face are a welcome sight during the team meetings.