Members of the month: October 2020

At IBA, we take pride in recognizing our members for their efforts in going above and beyond at all times.

This month, we recognized 3 members in our society: Mehar Kamra, a Ready, Set, Market Associate, Dana Abou Zaki, a Sponsorship Coordinator, and Mahinour Hegazy, a Corporate Relations Coordinator!

We would like to congratulate Mehar Kamra, our Ready Set Market Associate, for her demonstrated and passionate commitment to IBA and going above and beyond her role.

Mehar’s role entails collaborating and supporting on the execution of the Ready, Set, Market (RSM) case competition, led by two Co-Chairs in the Clubs and Conferences division.

In the past month, herself and Manav Jailkhani, her partnered associate, led and presented the RSM Workshop in a partnership with the IMI Competition Group (IMIC) encouraging more students to attend to RSM by teaching them presentation skills, best practices when analyzing the case and how to create a quality solution. Her commitment, dedication and team spirit, not only helped the Co-Chairs be confident with the workshop hosted to increase the number of attendees towards RSM, but also brought great insights and knowledge to the UTM community on case competitions. In addition, Mehar has successfully conducted a live interview during our bi-weekly Industry Talks series in the professional manner.

We would like to congratulate Dana Abou Zaki, our Sponsorship Coordinator, for her effective organizational and leadership skills, as well as her commitment to follow through and ensure the success of the Professional Development division despite any setbacks.

Dana’s role requires her to act as a liaison between the Professional Development division and the External Relations division in terms of sponsorships. Her main responsibility is to acquire and communicate with event sponsors and ensure that all information is properly conveyed and that we are able to provide the best experience to our partners and attendees.

Dana not only fulfils her role extensively but goes above and beyond to make sure that all tasks including outside her line of work are completed - her commitment to events, such as the GMAT info session has proved this. Dana is a well-rounded member of IBA who is not afraid to take upon leadership roles when needed and despite other important commitments, is able to manage herself and ensure that both IBA’s and corporate parties’ best interests are taken care of.

Among her other qualities, Dana’s remarkable dedication to IBA deserves the outmost recognition.

We would like to congratulate Mahinour Hegazy, our External Relations Coordinator, for excelling at developing great relationships with industry representatives, consistently displaying dedication and passion towards her team and IBA’s success.

As part of her role, Mahinour is required to secure industry representatives for all events within the Student Engagement division.

Despite competing deadlines, Mahinour made sure to go beyond the team’s expectations for every event by providing additional support outside her role requirements, all with the utmost professionalism. Additionally, Mahinour has taken greater initiatives, from simply moderating the Industry Talks series, to hosting her own Interviews. Furthermore, without a second thought, Mahinour jumps at the opportunity to represent and support any additional IBA initiatives such as club fairs. No individual has ever faced an interaction with Mahinour without experiencing her positive mindset which can put a friendly smile on anyone’s face. Overall we are proud to present Mahinour the Member of the Month recognition, for her overwhelmingly positive support for her teammates, the events, and IBA.