Members of the month: November 2020

At IBA, we take pride in recognizing our members for their efforts in going above and beyond at all times.

This month, we recognized 3 members in our society: Rohun Baijal, a Ready, Set, Market Co-Chair, Ekamjot Singh, a Social Media Manager / Interim Outreach Director, and Pinar Kahraman, a BizNetworking Co-Chair!

We would like to recognize Rohun Baijal, our Ready Set Market Co-Chair!

Rohun´s role entails planning, organizing and executing one of the biggest and well known case competitions at UTM, Ready, Set, Market (RSM).

In the past month, himself and his partnered Co chair, Yumna Salim, were able to successfully host the first case competition for the year in an online setting. Despite all the difficulties and challenges faced, Rohun was able to overcome all the problems that the case competition presented throughout the planning process, with its unique dedication and commitment. His interest and passion on case competitions allowed him to work towards the event with such inspiration that even if there were no indications or steps on how an online case competition could be run online, he followed an organized and strategic path that made the event go smoothly without many technical issues. Thanks to his work and the rest of the RSM team, he introduced RSM to the UTM community, as a good online case competition to take as an example for future events to come.

We would like to recognize Ekamjot Singh, our Social Media Manager and Interim Outreach Director, for his commitment to IBA and the outstanding work that he has done within his team.

Ekam’s role in IBA started as a Social Media Manager, which involves running our social media accounts, coming up with social media campaigns and content that helps with IBA’s conversions and marketing goals. Ekam has handled his job outstandingly in his position as a Social Media Manager, and recently was capable of stepping up for a temporary leadership position as an Interim Outreach Director supervising the Outreach team and creating a stronger bond within it, which has proved him in going above and beyond. When Ekam gets his hands on a project or a task, it gets completed quickly and with a high degree of professionalism.

In addition, Ekam’s energetic and friendly personality brings a lot of positivity and motivation to the team!

We would like to congratulate Pinar Kahraman, our BizNetworking Co-Chair, for her unwavering dedication towards organizing the largest networking event hosted by IBA.

As part of her role Pinar had to plan and organize BizNetworking, while managing a team along with her co-chair, Mahroo. Despite multiple road blocks and challenges, Pinar made sure the planning was on track and tasks were being completed promptly. Her leadership and remarkable time management skills contributed to the success of the event. We are proud to present Pinar the Member of the Month recognition for her leadership and dedication towards IBA.