Members of the month: March 2021

At IBA we take pride in recognizing our members for their efforts in going above and beyond at all times.

This month, we recognized 3 members in our society: Aman Nadkarni, Chantel Ong, and Stone Forester!

This month we would like to congratulate Aman Nadkarni, our Corporate Relations Director, for Effectively leading the four person Corporate Relations team through an unfamiliar year, supporting the VP External in the External Relations Agenda, and taking on the new successful IBA Industry Talks initiative. The Corporate Relations team has consistently been able to meet industry representative count expectations despite facing uphill struggles, whether it was due to high rep. goals or zoom fatigue. The IBA Industry Talks series has been a successful initiative, thanks to Aman for stepping up and taking lead. This is despite the fact that leading the Instagram live series was outside his required duties and expectations. Overall, IBA was insured for a successful year, with Aman’s above average leadership skills, contributions to new IBA projects, and ability to constantly meet expectations. However, most significantly, Aman is a supportive leader and kind-hearted friend to all. Congratulations, Aman!


We would also like to recognize Chantel Ong, our Media Associate, for her outstanding commitment and for going beyond her role expectations!

As part of her role, Chantel is responsible for creating media content including editing videos and photos, writing scripts/scenarios, and carrying out special projects in collaborations with other teams. Her work greatly helps IBA’s marketing conversions, as well as, communicating our brand value! Chantel not only fulfils her direct responsibilities but goes above and beyond to deliver content with high quality. Since the start, she has been constantly learning new ways to enrich her work with new innovative elements, graphic designs, and engaging voiceovers. Chantel’s outstanding creativity can be noticed in her videos that make simple Zoom recordings look truly exciting and memorable. Her most prominent works include WIB, BizNetworking, RSM, and BizFrosh recap videos! Creating content does not come easily and we want to thank Chantel for countless hours spent working on these amazing projects! Congratulations, Chantel!


Last but not least, we congratulate Stone Forester, our Show Me the Green Co-Chair, who has proven his efforts in going above and beyond while organizing our Show Me the Green case competition! Stone’s role entails planning, organizing and executing one of IBA´s biggest and most recognized events; Show Me the Green (SMG) case competition. Throughout the entire year, Stone and his partnered Co-Chair, Barkat Mahal, were working to bring SMG, again to the UTM community in an online setting. His dedication, commitment and constant efforts made him be aware of all the different sessions that were planned for the event and keep track of all procedures taken. His knowledge on case competitions, helped him have a better projection on how the event was going to look like and what was needed to perform well and successfully. Despite, we had two case competitions hosted before, himself and Barkat were able to make SMG unique and valuable to anyone attending, continuing the legacy left by past SMG Co chairs in the best way possible. Congratulations, Stone!