Members of the month: January 2021

At IBA we take pride in recognizing our members for their efforts in going above and beyond at all times.

This month, we recognized 3 members in our society: Qusay Al-Refai and Nadhira Afifa and Illia Kazak.

This month we would like to congratulate Qusay Al-Refai, our Corporate Relations Coordinator, for his consistency to meet all expectations, dedication to all IBA initiatives, and relentless support to ensure the success of IBA.Qusay has displayed his dedication to IBA from day zero by attending and supporting, if not all, a vast majority of IBA initiatives, from small socials, to all professional development conferences. Such simple actions have the impact of increasing the collective morale of the association. Normally, it’s expected for an IBA member to fulfill their expected duties, and Qusay does just that. However, what makes Qusay different is his consistency in meeting these expectations regardless of the many setbacks and uphill challenges, such as meeting a high rep to student ratio in a short time frame. Qusay do his job exceptionally well, simultaneously setting the most ideal standards of professionalism and going the extra mile to ensure the optimal success of professional development events and Industry Representative satisfaction. It’s the simple actions that, when delivered with consistency and 200% effort, help support the association and most importantly, support one’s peers.Congratulations, Qusay!


We would also like to recognize Nadhira, our FinComp Associate, for her commitment and the outstanding contributions to the FinComp 2021.Nadhira’s role entailed collaborating and supporting the execution of The Finance Innovative case competition (FinComp) throughout the 2020/2021 academic year. Being led by two co chairs, in the clubs and conferences team. Since she started her role as an associate, herself and Art Yeo, have being putting tireless efforts to see the case competition come back to campus in an online setting. Her main job was working towards internal and external outreach for the case competition through marketing strategies. She planned, coordinated and created posts to see more people coming to FinComp and be aware of the latest news we had to offer to students, at the day of the event. Congratulations, Nadhira!


Last but not least, we congratulate Illia, our Media Director, for his commitment to IBA and the outstanding work as a leader. Illia’s role in IBA involves leading the Media team, which is responsible for carrying out press coverage as well as photo & video projects that help IBA’s marketing conversions and communicate our brand value. Facing a challenge of not being able to conduct in-person projects like Photo Day due to the pandemic this year, Illia has found different approaches that have demonstrated his flexibility and determination. As a leader, he constantly provides 1-on-1 guidance to his team members on the best practices or approaches to the projects. His passion and commitment to IBA is evident in his constant presence at IBA events and his detailed approach to the projects that is reflected in amazing outputs of the Media team! Congratulations, Illia!


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