Members of the month: February 2021

At IBA we take pride in recognizing our members for their efforts in going above and beyond at all times.

This month, we recognized 3 members in our society: Tiffany Lam, Cody Jaskula, Alexandra van Der Vleugel!

This month we would like to recognize Tiffany Lam, our Outreach Associate focusing on the Social Media portfolio! Tiffany’s role entails assisting with social media campaigns and monitoring our social media accounts across various platforms! Tiffany’s commitment to IBA and her exemplary work ethic has proven herself in going above and beyond! Given a very complex nature of social media responsibilities in an academic society with a large amount of events and campaigns, and being introduced to them in the late October during the Round 3 of hiring, Tiffany was able to quickly get a hand of her role, and has been handling her job terrifically ever since! She’s always impressively quick to respond, and stays on top of the posting schedule! She has been a great support for the Marketing team, which deserves the outmost recognition! Congratulations, Tiffany!


We would also like to recognize Cody Jaskula, our Project Manager for Accounting portfolio, for his consistency to meet all expectations, dedication to all IBA initiatives, and relentless support to ensure the success of the IMI Business Association. Cody’s role requires planning, organizing and hosting all the events related to the Accounting portfolio. His role entails working with a team of associates and external partners to ensure all the events are effective and help the UTM student body. Cody not only fulfills his tasks but goes above and beyond by making efforts to ensure that the events go as smoothly as possible. He is in constant contact with the team, communicating all possible details in order to host a successful event. Cody is a dedicated member of the Professional Development team who always gives his 100%, even when taking on responsibilities which were not originally in his portfolio. Cody has run many events for IBA, including but not limited to, Exploring Business Networks, MMPA Info Sessions and Bell Mock Interviews. Cody is a well-rounded member of IBA who is not afraid to take upon leadership roles when needed and despite other important commitments, is able to manage himself and ensure that IBA’s best interests are taken care of. Among his other qualities, Cody’s remarkable dedication to IBA and the PD deserves the utmost recognition.

Overall we are proud to present Cody the Member of the Month recognition, for his overwhelming efforts and dedication for his teammates, the events, and IBA. Congratulations, Cody!


Last but not least, we congratulate Alexandra van der Vleugel, an associate with the Student Engagement team for rising above and beyond her role expectations. Alex helped the team tremendously during our planning and organization sessions for the Women in Business (WIB) conference. She stepped up when the team was facing challenges and helped navigate them by taking on additional tasks. Confirming the keynote for WIB and few of the industry representatives has been some of her commendable accomplishments. She also gets involved with events outside her portfolio and has been a constant source of support for the SE team. Alex has consistently attended IBA events and has shown true leadership skills during her time with the team. Congratulations, Alex!