Members of the month: August 2020

At IBA, we take pride in recognizing our members for their efforts in going above and beyond at all times.

This month, we recognized 2 members in our society: Simon Seto, the Creative Director of IBA and Firas Ali, the Sponsorship Director of IBA!

We would like to recognize Simon for his outstanding contribution and commitment to IBA! Simon’s role entails developing creative campaigns, marketing plans, promotional material while supervising a team of three Marketing Coordinators and a Graphic Designer. Simon has not only been fulfilling his role exquisitely, but his responsibility, professionalism and kind personality stood out to many members of IBA! He is always impressively quick to respond, and his simple act of showing up have proved his genuine devotion to IBA!

We would like to recognize Firas for his strive to go above and beyond his required duties and our expectations. Firas’ role requires developing our partnership programmes, collecting all sponsorship information and requests, as well as creating timelines for contacting potential partners for IBA. From Day 1, Firas has been showing his commitment to drive IBA to a successful year by raising awareness to the potential outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and providing solutions to effectively emerge on top of the unexpected speed bump. Firas fulfils his role extensively, all whilst leading a team of three sponsorship coordinators, to whom he dedicates his time and effort to listen to, guide and train. Overall, Firas has proven himself to be a responsible, hard working, initiative taking, and most important, caring, leader. These are all qualities that majority of IBA members can not deny and deserves the highest recognition.