Meet the Candidates of the 2021 IBA Presidential Elections

Meet the Candidates running for the IBA Presidential positions for the 2021/22 academic year! Read more about the positions available and the elections process at! Check out the #ibaelections2021 hashtag on Instagram to see the campaigns of the candidates and learn more about them!

Candidates running for President:

Hassan Raouf

Candidate Statement: Joining IBA has allowed me to learn the inner workings of this

association. I’ve attended almost every event available because that is the

type of person I am. Whether that means attending the most events,

getting the best grades, or landing the best job. I want it all, I strive to be

the best at all costs. My drive and ambition carry me regardless of fatigue

or distractions. I wanted to be president before I was even an associate. I

knew that, with an exceptional presidential team, wonderful directors, and

ambitious associates, I could work to ensure that IBA and it's members

reach even greater heights.

Today, I’m a third-year bachelor of commerce candidate at UTM with a

specialist in finance, major in economics, and minor in law. In 2022, I will

graduate from UTM after 4 long years and a successful period as IMI

Business Association president. This isn’t wishful thinking, this is the

reality I work towards.

"The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary."

Kashish Chhabira

Candidate Statement: Hello UTM, my name is Kashish Chhabira, an international transfer student who came to Canada with tons of aspirations and a dream to be a leader among like-minded individuals. IBA has been a community that has helped us all grow in terms of professional development, time management and the like. I strive to uphold this legacy, endeavoring for a unified journey of our growth so that each one of us finds their true identity among a community of excellence. Here I am, after abundant experience with IBA and various related organizations on campus, requesting your vote to give me the opportunity to uphold this legacy. Here I am, to be there for you.

Pinar Kahraman

Candidate Statement: Hello everyone! I’m Pinar, a third-year student pursuing a specialist in management and a minor in political science. Throughout my years at university I’ve been involved with many business-related opportunities; this year I acted as the BizNetworking Co-Chair, the largest event IBA hosted this year with over 145 attendees. As the president of IBA, I’m planning to scale-up the events, initiate higher collaboration between different business clubs, and encourage innovative ideas whilst maintaining our existing portfolio. As always, the main goal of IBA will be to meet student needs. Thank you for your consideration!

Candidates running for VP External Relations:

Julio Cesar Siu

Candidate Statement: Hi everyone, My name is Julio Cesar Siu, and I am a 2nd year Management student running for VP External Relations. I have had the opportunity to engage in several activities around campus such as Bizfrosh, Bizbanquet, and IBA case competitions. Connecting with professionals and students along the way has been rewarding. I aim to represent you, my fellow students, and help you build connections through IBA's initiatives. Serving as Internal Director at LASA this year, I know what it's like to dedicate time and energy to a team, providing valuable initiatives for our community. I believe in building a network and working together to bridge the gap between our education and our prospective careers. I believe that my diverse experience and passion for community building, and capacity to innovate make me the ideal candidate for VP External Relations.

Saad Umer

Candidate Statement: Hi folks! My name is Saad Umer. I am currently in my 3rd year at UTM pursuing an Accounting specialist

& a major in Economics. Previously, I was assigned the incredible opportunity to be the Sponsorship

Coordinator for UTMSU’s Frosh 2020! Through this experience, I developed the skills of establishing

great partnerships & collaborating with leading corporations. I wish to bring such knowledge and

expertise to my role as the VP External at IBA & heighten the student experience.

If selected, I will undertake concrete measures to expand IBA’s network with external stakeholders and

provide new opportunities for students. My vision is to create a strong network both, within UTM and outside, that fosters student growth & creates a diverse community of business professionals.

Candidates running for VP Marketing:

Tea Domi

Candidate Statement: I, Tea Domi, am currently in my third year of studies for a management specialist and I plan on running for VP of Marketing for the IMI business association in this upcoming year. As a candidate, I hope to do the following: increase traffic and engagement to our website, gain more followers on our social media account, help maintain and enrich the strong image and brand awareness that IBA has to offer using merch, virtual promotions, as well as continue to expand on the already growing popularity the society has garnered. With my experience as VP of marketing in DECA and being the marketing coordinator for IBA, I believe I can bring the necessary tools to the role and execute all requirements that the role entails.

Saide Kazanjian

Candidate Statement: Hello, my name is Saide Kazanjian and I am running for the IMI Business Association’s (IBA) VP of Marketing. IBA is an academic society which facilitates the growth and development of students in both the academic and industry streams. My time as a Student Engagement Associate this year was both an excellent learning experience and an absolute pleasure. I was afforded the opportunity to work alongside a determined and well-developed team who continuously motivated and supported each other. The welcoming environment and the feeling of family that IBA instills, is truly spectacular. I would be honoured to continue this tradition and maintain this atmosphere for future UTM students. With my love for IBA and for the UTM community, my aim is not only to provide support for our students, but to ensure that the opportunities and events held for the students at UTM are communicated and promoted effectively.

Candidates running for VP Clubs and Conferences:

Stone Forester

Candidate Statement: Throughout my years at UTM I have had the wonderful opportunity to take part in a variety of events hosted by IBA. The UTM case competitions were some of these events, and they had a lasting effect on me. I was exposed to the IBA competitions early on and I became quite interested in them. I have been able to compete in both RSM and SMG, I am currently a member of IMIC, and a Co-chair for SMG, so I have a lot of experience with case competitions and how they run. I want to be able to continue these great events so that further students can take part and be able to have the same great experiences as I was offered.

Alistair Kirk

Candidate Statement: Hello, my name is Alistair Kirk. I am an experienced candidate looking to inspire my UTM community through leadership, integrity and discipline. I aspire to promote cooperation not only between IBA and other business clubs but also between clubs outside of the management department. One of my main goals is to create an annual conference for peopleof color (POC). The conference would serve three primary purposes: to connect POC undergraduate UTM students with influential POC business executives, to guide POC undergraduate students in their career decisions and to discuss how to succeed in the business environment as POC. You can trust me to deliver on my promises because with my limited knowledge and resources I have learned to not let my ambitions surpass my means. My most successful project includes: soliciting and securing $60,000 USD for the building of a five-seater squat pan water closets in my village.

Salma ElSebaie

Candidate Statement: After joining IBA as a Student Engagement Associate, I really enjoyed seeing first-hand the positive impact we have on students’ experience. All the networking and learning opportunities I helped facilitate, motivated me to run for the VP of Clubs and Conferences in hopes of having an even larger, positive impact. As the YEC Co-Chair for DEMA, my experience in planning a large-scale case competition/conference will enable me to enhance students’ experience and organize events that are not only intriguing but informative. As the VP, I will also be strengthening our relationship with business clubs such as DECA and UTM Capital Management to ensure collaboration that will benefit all parties involved. I can’t wait to work with talented and like-minded individuals to enhance all Commerce and Management students’ experiences and to bring you the best experiences that will help you become the best version of yourself, both personally and professionally!

Candidates running for VP Finance:

Simran Habib

Candidate Statement: Hello there! My name is Simran, I’m a third year Commerce student specializing in

Accounting, and I’m running for the VP of Finance for IBA in the 2021-2022 academic year. As a current Ambassador of IBA, I have been extremely inspired by the leaders of IBA and the hard-work they put into making IBA what it is today, providing students with essential

opportunities to grow and prosper. As a candidate for VP of Finance, I hope to help IBA pursue the best initiatives while minimizing any associated financial risks, as well as ensuring that all divisions meet their financial goals. My experience as a Director of Ceremonies highlights my leadership, planning, and organizational skills necessary to succeed in this position. I’m looking forward to having the opportunity of representing IBA.

Fahad Dayala

Candidate Statement: Hey everyone, I’m Fahad Dayala, and I am running for the Vice President Finance position for next year’s IBA team. I am currently serving as the Vice President Internal at UTMSU and have been involved in a couple of cultural clubs on campus, and thus I believe that I am the most suitable candidate for this position. At UTMSU, I head the Finance Department which includes, managing and tracking expenses, creating budgets, and making sure everything runs smoothly, according to the budgets. I have also served as the Sponsorship Director at multiple campus groups. If elected, I plan to utilize my experience to revamp the way IBA looks at finances. I plan to bring in more sponsors, and make sure that IBA events are fully funded, affordable, and students get the most out of them. To know more, and to reach out to me, visit:"

Jida Al-Hinnawi