Prepare, Connect, Reflect: BizNetworking 2020

With over 110 online attendees, last weekend’s MMPA-sponsored BizNetworking was IBA’s largest networking event of the year! Centred around providing opportunities to network directly with various business professionals, the event opened with a Keynote presentation about discipline.

The Keynote speaker, Charles Clark, who earned the title of the sixth fastest man in 2009 at the World Championships held in Berlin, drew from personal experience as he inspired and advised many UTM students about the importance of fostering discipline and routine. Charles Clark energized students with his delivery and engaged them with thought-provoking exercises and questions, serving as an excellent segue into the networking pod rotations.

Students were rotated through a total of 3 networking pods. The pods consisted of around 3 students and 2 professionals, allowing for the valuable opportunity of connecting directly with business professionals from the CRA, EY, BMO, KPMG, IBM, and many more firms from various industries. As networking was the main feature of the event, about 2 hours were allocated to the rotations through the networking pods. The event’s setup was conducive to good conversations with professionals, allowing ample time to get to connect.

Following the networking pods was another keynote, focussed on emotional intelligence. Dena Jackson, Toronto-based comedian, writer, and public speaker dealt with topics about handling grief and failure by developing one’s emotional toolbelt through self-reflection and meditation. Dena Jackson discussed the importance of mindfulness and took the group through various mental exercises to get everyone started. The second keynote was an excellent way to wind down the event and to prompt students to reflect on their professional goals, complementing the first keynote well.

The keynote followed into the closing ceremony, announcing the contest winners for the event-draw, as well as closing remarks from the hosts of the event from the IBA Student Engagement team. By the end of the event, students had gone through the cycle of being energized and inspired, given an opportunity to use their energy while conversing with business professionals, and guidance on the importance of reflecting on their actions. Learn about more professional development opportunities offered by IBA on the PSDP section of UTM’s website as well as IBA’s Instagram account @utmiba.